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Terms and conditions of marketing services

  1. Definitions

For the purposes of these Regulations, the following definitions are clarified:

  1. REGULATIONS – this set of provisions governing the provision of Marketing Services.
  2. MARKETING SERVICES – the totality of activities related to advice, support, supervision of the Ordering Party’s personnel in the field concerning marketing activities. Depending on the detailed arrangements of the Parties, they may include, but are not limited to: marketing consulting, including the development of a marketing funnel, implementation of paid marketing campaigns, website positioning service, maintenance of social media profiles, creation of visual identification, creation of a website.
  3. CONTRACTOR – SELLWISE SZYMON NEGACZ Spółka Komandytowa with registered office at: Piwna 10, 44-100 Gliwice,
  4. ORDERING PARTY – an individual or legal entity ordering a service.
  5. PARTICIPANT – the Purchaser or the person designated by him to participate in the project/training.
  6. AGREEMENT – an agreement concluded between the Employer and the Contractor with a minimum of three, necessary conditions, i.e. acquaintance of the Ordering Party with these Regulations and acceptance of its terms and conditions, payment of an advance – 100% of the value of the Service when booking the date or payment of remuneration on the basis of an invoice or a signed Order document, and agreement on the logistical aspects of the Service, by which we mean: the date and place of performance of the Service accepted by both Parties to the Agreement.

2. General provisions

  1. These Regulations, hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”, set out the terms and conditions for the provision of Marketing Services, the terms and conditions for the conclusion of agreements, as well as the procedures for complaints. The Contractor of the Marketing Services is SELLWISE SZYMON NEGACZ Spółka Komandytowa with its registered seat at the address: Piwna 10, 44-100 Gliwice, NIP 6312699869, REGON
  2. The Administrator of the personal data processed in connection with the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations is the Contractor. Provision of data is voluntary, and Orderers and Participants have the right to inspect the entrusted personal data and to update and correct them, as well as to request their deletion or restriction of processing. Detailed information on the processing of personal data by the Contractor is contained in the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of these Regulations.
  3. All information on adwise.eu does not constitute an offer according to Art. 66 CC.

3. Terms of cooperation and payment

  1. Once the date of commencement of marketing services has been set, a pro forma invoice for 100% of the value of the Service will be issued, along with additional fees as agreed by both Parties.
  2. The guarantee of reservation of the date of commencement of the Service is the payment of the invoice referred to in the paragraph above, within 7 calendar days counted from the date of the invoice, no later than two days before the scheduled date of commencement of the Service.
  3. By accepting the Contractor’s offer and making payment, the Ordering Party accepts the terms and conditions for cancellation of the Service and refund of the amounts paid as specified below.
    1. no later than 21 calendar days before the agreed date of commencement of the Service, the Ordering Party shall be entitled to a refund of the full amount of remuneration paid;
    2. no later than 7 calendar days before the agreed date of commencement of the Service, the Ordering Party shall be entitled to a refund of half of the amount of remuneration paid;
    3. later than 7 calendar days before the agreed date of commencement of the Service, the Ordering Party shall not be entitled to a refund of the amount of remuneration paid.
  4. The reasons for cancellation or rescheduling of the ordered Service do not affect the rules set forth in Section 3.
  5. The amounts of retained remuneration for cancellation of the date of commencement of the Service shall constitute the Contractor’s remuneration for remaining ready to provide the Service on the original date.
  6. Any adjustments to the remuneration due and additional costs will be covered by the corresponding accounting documents.
  7. The Ordering Party shall be entitled to a refund of the paid amount of remuneration in full, in the event of:
    1. cancellation of the Contractor’s performance of the Service,
    2. Contractor’s proposal to change the date of performance of the Service and the failure of the Ordering Party to accept this date.
  8. Communication related to the cancellation or rescheduling of services for its validity requires e-mail or telephone communication with the Ordering Party’s supervisor.

4.Obligations of the Parties

  1. The Contractor agrees to provide the Services with the utmost care and to act at all times in the best interests of the Ordering Party and its customers in accordance with the contents of these Terms and Conditions and specific agreements.
  2. The Ordering Party agrees to pay the Contractor for the Service, under the terms and conditions set forth herein and in accordance with the detailed arrangements.

5. Complaint procedure

  1. Each Ordering Party shall have the right to file complaints regarding the Services within fourteen working days from the date of performance of the Services.
  2. Complaints about the Services should be submitted in writing by registered mail to the Organizer’s address indicated in these Regulations or electronically by sending a request to mskowron@sellwise.pl.
  3. The complaint application should include:
    1. Name of the Ordering Party,
    2. address of the Ordering Party’s registered office,
    3. The subject of the complaint (name of the Service, date and place of performance),
    4. substantive and formal justification of the complaint,
    5. The Ordering Party’s expectations of the Contractor.
  4. The reported complaint will be processed within fourteen working days counted from the moment the Contractor receives the application, and in cases requiring additional investigation, the processing time may be extended.
  5. Upon receipt of an electronic request, the Contractor will confirm this fact in a return message.
  6. The Contractor reserves the right to leave the complaint unprocessed if the complaint is submitted after the deadline referred to in item. 1 of this paragraph or if it results from ignorance of the provisions of these Regulations.
  7. If the claim application does not contain all the information indicated in point 3 of this paragraph, then the Contractor shall give the Ordering Party a seven-day period to submit a correct claim.

6. Property Copyright

  1. The Contractor declares that the Services will be performed personally and that the Contractor is entitled to exclusive and unlimited copyright (personal and property). The Contractor transfers to the Ordering Party the proprietary copyrights to the works created as part of the completed Services in all forms and scopes of exploitation under the terms of the Agreement concluded between the Parties.

7. Final provisions

  1. The Privacy Policy, located at: https://adwise.eu/privacy-policy/.
  2. The Regulations shall come into force as of the date of their publication on the Contractor’s website and shall be implemented for an indefinite period of time.
  3. Any disputes arising between the Contractor and the Ordering Party related to the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations, the Parties agree to resolve through friendly negotiations. In case of disagreement, disputes will be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the Contractor’s headquarters.
  4. In matters not regulated by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
  5. The Contractor has the right to amend the provisions of the Regulations. Amendments shall come into force within 7 calendar days from the date of their publication on the Site.