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We run paid campaigns to support B2B marketing. We run ads on Google’s search engine and ad network as well as on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Reach and engage prospective customers with paid ads that perfectly match your company’s marketing strategy.

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Are ad campaigns effective in B2B marketing?

“Paid campaigns don’t work in out industry”. We’ve heard this statement from B2B customers many times. Why are the results of advertising campaigns sometimes abysmal?

Usually, the reason is a mismatch between the message and the stages of the marketing funnel or publishing ads that recipients find irrelevant.

However, paid ads are a great way to generate leads in the B2B sector. Provided that they are designed, executed and optimized correctly.

How do we execute paid campaigns?

The paid ads run by AdWise are data-driven and form part of a larger marketing strategy. This ensures that our campaigns are effective and that their results are predictable.

When designing a B2B paid campaign, it is essential to understand the company’s strategy, the target audience, as well as its problems and challenges.

This allows us to choose the right platform and the right recipient groups. We carry out the whole process based on our experience gained from other B2B campaigns.

The second component is the specifics of the purchasing process for customers of the company. If the purchasing process takes a lot of time, we plan paid campaigns that are tailored to its different stages.

Then we try to target the ads in such a way that they meet the goals of each stage and help the customer move on to the next one.

Once we have determined the basics, we check the keywords used by potential recipients. During the campaign, we analyse their responses and optimise activities. Thanks to advanced remarketing techniques, we segment recipients so that everyone receives the right message, depending on the activity.

We identify from the target group the people who are actively searching for your products or services and are likely to be the first to make a purchase. This creates a long-term B2B paid campaign that delivers measurable results.

What kind of paid campaigns can we
for your company?

Google search paid campaigns.

We design text and image ads that are displayed to the right target group at the right time.

Paid campaigns on the Google ad network.

We incorporate ads that encourage prospective customers to click and increase lead generation opportunities. We create, for example, text and display ads. We also use video content.

Ads on Facebook

We promote B2B companies using Facebook Ads by creating relevant ads for different decision-makers.

Ads on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms.

We run engaging campaigns in social media targeting the people who have the greatest influence on a company’s purchasing decisions.

Paid multi-channel campaigns.

We implement a multi-channel advertising strategy in line with your marketing funnel.

What is the first step in
implementing paid B2B campaigns?

Many clients come to us for a Google or Facebook campaign, arguing such a choice “because my competitors have one and I want one too.”

That’s why online advertising often fails in B2B. First, you need a marketing strategy, with paid advertising campaigns as a tool to achieve your goals.

Marketing B2B pojęcia

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the work starts with the marketing funnel.


We analyse the target group and keywords

First, we plan all the activities. We precisely select the target group. We identify keywords specific to your industry. We examine how customers enter search queries when looking for your solutions. We then select the channel in which the campaign is most likely to succeed and establish the purpose of the campaign.

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At this stage we make intensive use of Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and related tools. A sizable part of the success of advertising campaigns depends on this stage, so in addition to ad specialists, we also involve experts in SEO, UX/UI design and copywriting.

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We always assign a dedicated copywriter, graphic designer and advertising specialist to work with you, whose work is coordinated by a project manager. This ensures that all planned activities are carried out on time and your paid ads are taken care of in the best possible way.


We optimise the campaign

We examine the effectiveness of the campaign to maximise the results. We check whether the campaign is achieving its purpose, e.g. increasing traffic, conversions or enhancing your expert image among your target audience. We always work on our clients’ advertising accounts, so you have constant insight into all reports and you always know what is happening.


We enable remarketing

Once the ad campaigns have gathered the right audience, we launch remarketing activities – that is, we display ads to audiences who have already interacted with your company (e.g., visited your website before).

Remarketing ads are one of the most effective ways to meet marketing goals and generate leads.

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In addition, we are constantly checking that we actually use the right words in advertising texts and create graphics accordingly. This ensures that at all times your budget is being spent in the most effective way.

Want to acquire quality B2B leads with paid campaigns?

What do you gain by running a
paid campaign with AdWise?

You spend your marketing budget

Ads appear only in places where your potential business customers are.

You reach new customers

You generate high-quality B2B leads.
You can target small businesses as well as those with more than 100 employees.

You accelerate
your brand’s growth

You increase traffic to your website, thus increasing your brand recognition.

You have access to all reports

You can continuously monitor the performance of your ads.

You achieve your advertising goal

Whether you use social media or Google Ads, your campaign achieves its goal.

You can be sure that your campaign is well designed

You benefit from our extensive experience in executing paid campaigns for the B2B sector.

You can easily measure the results

We will design a comprehensive strategy that takes into account your company’s process, budget, plans and capabilities.

You reach the people who need your solutions

A well-built strategy in the form of a marketing funnel allows you to deliver the right messages to your ideal customers at the right time.

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Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Do you have to have a marketing funnel to start operating with paid campaigns in AdWise?

Starting with marketing without a marketing funnel can be compared to starting a company without a business plan. The marketing funnel acts as a roadmap that forms the basis of advertising activities – it defines their course, and the most important points of contact with the brand at different levels of interaction with it.

What is the minimum budget for paid campaigns?

The minimum monthly budget depends on a number of factors, including size of target group, industry, etc. In the case of Facebook, the amounts start at around 200-300$ per month, and at Google at around 400$ per month. The minimum amount for LinkedIn’s advertising system is imposed top-down and is $10 per day. Before running paid campaigns, we always determine with the client the advertising budget that the client can allocate for ads on social media, Google Ads and other places.

My industry is specific. How will I know if paid campaigns are for my business?

To date, we have carried out many advertising campaigns for various industries in the B2B sector. Thanks to this, we are able to tell which advertising systems will work best for specific industries, and where it is better to bet on other activities. If your industry is completely niche and we don’t have data on the effectiveness of the campaign in this case, we make some hypotheses at the beginning of the cooperation and test them for the first 3 months. After 3 months, we are able to make a preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of the advertising systems, as well as to estimate the predicted results in the following months. If it turns out that any of the advertising systems did not work, we abandon it, propose and test new solutions, so as to find those activities that will generate the best results.

How will I know that the report shows real data from paid campaigns?

Reports are created through Looker Studio, which is integrated with Google Analytics. In addition, AdWise clients have full access to the advertising accounts on which the campaigns are running, so they can verify the accuracy of the data presented and the effectiveness of the advertising at any time.

What is the care of a customer who enters paid campaign services?

The main point of contact with the client is the Project Manager, who ensures timely implementation of the planned strategy, as well as monitors the effects of activities and responds to the client’s needs. In addition, in our company, customers can directly contact the specialists responsible for a particular activity, including, for example, running a campaign in a particular advertising system. The client is kept informed about the progress of the work, any changes, receives advertising materials for approval before the campaign is launched, and is actively informed about the results, recommended modifications, or plans for the next weeks.

Do I have to meet any requirements to get into AdWise?

We do not have specific requirements that a client must meet for us to implement paid advertising campaigns for them. However, it is worth taking into account here the previously mentioned minimum advertising budgets. Of course, paid advertising can be launched even with lower budgets, but they will most likely not bring the expected results, so it is worth taking this into account. In addition, we value commitment and communication on the client’s side, which help us to efficiently carry out the planned tasks, as well as to better delve into the industries and learn about the client’s needs and expectations.

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