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The Modern Sales and Marketing podcast covers the topic of strategic approaches to running marketing activities in companies. In this podcast, I talk about how to ensure that your company’s marketing activities have a real impact on increasing sales.

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Looking for an idea for your company’s marketing campaign? Do you want to acquire quality B2B leads?

During a brief, free consultation, we’ll talk about your existing marketing efforts and discuss solutions that can bring results to your business. If you come to the conclusion that they make sense, we will help you implement them.


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We help organisations to grow in a stable, predictable and deliberate way, using innovative and proven methods.

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    What do we

    What do you mean?! B2B marketing! We implement B2B marketing comprehensively, and in doing so, we use innovative and proven methods to increase conversions on our customers’ websites.


    Why was AdWise created?

    AdWise draws on the experience of SellWise. While working with SellWise customers and laying out sales processes, we saw the need to lead / implement marketing activities for customers and understood how much there was to do in the area of marketing. We wanted to work in a process-driven way, tying marketing and sales activities together in a cohesive and effective way, and took on the challenge of creating a B2B marketing agency. The first agency to understand the challenges and problems of this sector, which differs so much from B2C.


    How do we work?

    We start with a free consultation, during which we try to discern the specifics of your business. At this stage, we ask questions about, for example, your past marketing activities, your biggest challenges and goals. You need to know that we do not help all companies. Each service is preceded by a thorough analysis, which allows us to determine whether our competences can fulfil the purpose that is important to the customer – this way, you are assured of the high quality of the services provided and the results of the partnership, and we are satisfied with our work.


    Who provides the services
    for customers?

    People who are experts in what they do, with considerable experience from a variety of projects and who understand B2B. They are a committed, YOUNG team with a strong desire to grow who can always find the right solutions. A team so strong it oozes competence and allows us to operate effectively internally, supported by the experience of the SellWise parent brand – allowing customers to be confident of the results and us to be credible.

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