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We manage B2B company pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, turning them into effective tools for engaging customers with business.

Increase B2B customer engagement and make business connections thanks to your social media presence.

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Is social media effective for B2B communication and sales?

Many B2B companies make the mistake of overlooking social media activities, resulting in lost customers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram can be effective in helping to establish business relationships in a variety of B2B industries. There are even times when it is worth running two or three fanpages at the same time (sometimes for completely different marketing purposes).

B2B business owners often think that running social media pages in their industry makes no sense. On the contrary, social media activities are effective in B2B provided that they are conducted in the right medium and in the right way. The best results can be achieved when each interaction is part of a larger marketing strategy.

How do we adapt social media to B2B?

At AdWise, we take a strategic approach to running social media channels. We place emphasis on combining social media communication with the marketing funnel. In this way, we achieve consistency and effectively engage the right B2B recipients.

We first identify the social channel on which potential customers are most active. Then we create a plan for publishing posts as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. This allows us to target users with content that grabs their attention and carries content value for them. Finally, we measure the results in detail.

How do we carry out social media activities for B2B?


We analyse the recipient group

We examine who your business customers are and what their objectives, needs and challenges are. We then conduct a B2B social media audit. We look at your existing activities and identify good and bad ideas.


We create an action plan

We design a plan for publishing posts that engage your target audience. Our thoughtful content marketing is created based on your customers’ personas. For example, we create posts about business trends, industry reports and rankings.


We implement the agreed plan

We publish posts according to a set plan. We make sure that communiaction is a dialogue and that your company fanpage starts to function as a business networking site. We gain the attention of business customers who use social media for communication.

What do you gain by entrusting AdWise with running a social media page?

You increase the trust of your business partners

You turn impersonal relationships with potential customers into relationships based on trust and loyalty.

You make it easier for potential B2B customers to contact your company

You can build your community and contact them at any time.

You create the image of an expert

You reach prospective customers and others in the industry with your knowledge.

You achieve your marketing objectives more quickly

If you want to increase brand awareness, you can implement advertising campaigns that accelerate brand development.

You set industry trends

You can set industry trends and grow your potential customer base.

You carry out measurable activities

Thanks to monthly reports, you know the effectiveness of your activities and are confident that they are appropriate for your business.

Recipients begin to recognise you

You can effectively use individual social media to build brand awareness.

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