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We design B2B websites and landing pages that are tailored to the specifics of the B2B buying process and as sales-focused as possible. Rely on our proven B2B website development process to have a site that is a tool for your company’s growth.

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A website that will put you several steps ahead of the competition

The buying process for business clients is so complex and multifaceted that traditional marketing agencies have not kept up with the latest standards. When businesses enter the initial buying phase, they can use publicly available resources.

To get them to analyze your offer on the website, you need a proper buying path and specialists who know the ins and outs of B2B buying.

Why are B2B sites designed differently than B2C sites?

In a B2B environment, nothing counts more than information and rational arguments. Your potential customer is consciously analyzing the market and looking for precise answers to specific questions – if he doesn’t find them, he won’t buy.

That’s why haphazard website layout and incorrect information architecture are preventing B2B sales generation.

At AdWise, we’ve created our own B2B website development process that limits such mistakes and takes into account everything you need to acquire business customers with a website.


How does our web development process work?

With our unique design process, every element of your new website will be strategically planned.

At each stage you can make comments and monitor the progress of the project.

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We are conducting a concept workshop

Instead of a routine call, we invite you to an online workshopwhere we will discuss your buying process and buyer segments. Together we will map the Buyer Persona’s problems and connect them to your company’s values. The workshop will be led by an experienced B2B marketing consultant, who will prepare a customized concept for your new website based on the data collected.

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At AdWise, we begin website development with an analysis of: the buying process, the authentic needs and challenges of audience segments, the value of your business and the competition.

Based on the conclusions of the workshop, we will decide whether a rebranding will be necessary. We will assess whether your visual identity sufficiently reflects your brand values and character.

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A website map allows you to see the hierarchy of information, as well as how the different sub-pages are related to each other and the path a user will take to make a purchase. A website mockup focuses on the specific layout of elements on a page. You will see, among other things, how much space the content should take up, where the calls to action and key graphic elements will be.


We are designing a map and mockup of the site

The personalized concept then goes to a User Experience (UX) expert, who will design a map and mockup of your website based on it. He will do so, keeping in mind maximum usability and intuitiveness, matching the buying process and the behavior and habits of users. This is how a purchase path will be created to effectively lead potential customers to a specific action.


We are creating a moodboard

This stage includes among other things, a visual analysis of the competition .
User Interface Designer / Web designer stworzy moodboard, przedstawiający kierunek stylistyczny elementów na stronie, który wyróżni Twoją markę na tle konkurencji i będzie zapamiętywalny dla użytkowników.

Among other things, you’ll see a suggestion for a color palette and typography that will best resonate with your target audience.

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Moodboard visualizes design intent. Among other things, you’ll learn what colors communicate your brand values and what typography will work best with your company’s character.

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A well-designed layout makes it quicker and easier for recipients to perform specific actions, such as filling out a contact form and ordering a free consultation.


We are designing a graphic layout

Once the moodboard is approved, the Web Designer will do the graphic design of the website. Only now he has all the data he needs to create a website layout that will make it easy for viewers to make a purchase through the site.


We take care of the technical implementation of the website

Now a Web Developer is joining the work on the new site. He will make sure that the site is efficient and runs fast on mobile and desktop devices.

Once the implementation is complete, we will thoroughly test the performance of the site on all popular browsers.

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We implement the website in such a way that the client can easily edit the content – without the need for help from a programmer.

Do you need a website that will generate B2B sales?

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What do you gain
by ordering website design from AdWise?

The website is designed with the customer’s business needs in mind

After deciding to work with us, you can be sure that your website will end up in good hands. We are the largest B2B marketing agency in Poland – we strategically plan every element of the website and know how to make business customers enter the buying process.

Popular technology
– elementor, which is easy to develop

We will help you choose a technology that makes it easy to add new services or products to your site at any time. Informed choice of technology will ensure that the programming language will never limit the development of your site (company).

Intuitiveness and functionality

We design websites and landing pages according to the latest usability standards. We use tools thanks to which we know how to design a graphic layout so that the page is easy to navigate and mobilizes users to a specific action such as filling out a contact form.

Refined and consistent company’s image

We will create a website that will help you build credibility and authority among potential and existing customers. We will take care of every element – if anything needs fine-tuning, such as your branding – we can help you fix it.

It is worth mentioning that BRANDING is something we start with.

Focus on results

The websites we create are constructed with your business goal in mind. Working with us, you can be sure that you will receive a website that will become your central sales channel and build relationships with business customers.

Technical optimization

Already at the stage of designing the map and mock-up of the website, the SEO specialist will analyze its structure and verify the potential for optimization. In addition, we will take care of all the technical elements of site optimization at the implementation stage.

See the sites we have created for our clients

Do you know that…?

When your website visitors feel that you understand their needs better than your competitors – they become your customers.

Such an effect can only be achieved if the website is designed in accordance with the B2B buying process.


Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to design and implement a new website?

Website development at AdWise includes several scopes of work, each of which is priced individually. The total cost of a website depends on, among other things: the size of the site, the number of animations and custom functionality, and whether you prefer to write the content for your own website yourself, or whether you want to outsource this task to us. The final price of a website is in the range of several to tens of thousands dollars.

How long does it take to create a website?

The time it takes to develop a website from A to Z is a very individual issue – each project requires a separate analysis and time estimate. The progress of the work can be prolonged by a non-standard number of corrections made during the project, as well as whether all the necessary materials are received on time. The total implementation time for a new website is from several weeks to several months.

Why partner with AdWise for B2B web design?

When you choose AdWise, you are choosing to work with an experienced team of professionals who understand B2B marketing. In the B2B industry, the buying process is more complicated, requiring more education and trust. Our sites are designed to build business relationships, directing users through a properly planned purchase path and highlighting your company’s values. Website development is our specialty – we will provide a professional website for your business.

Do you offer post-launch support for the website?

Yes, we offer various support packages after website design and implementation.

Do you design websites that are responsive to mobile devices?

Yes, all of our sites are responsive and adapted to mobile devices.

Do you also do search engine optimization (SEO)?

Yes, we also offer comprehensive SEO services, ensuring better visibility of websites in Google search results. You can increase organic traffic to your site with our proven SEO strategies.

Will the site created by AdWise be expandable in the future?

Yes, you can develop the website yourself or with our support.

Do you offer the opportunity to audit my current site before embarking on a new project?

Yes, we can perform a website audit for you to find out if and why you should invest in a new website. By analyzing your website statistics, we can better understand your users’ needs and see if a good website design can improve your business performance.

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